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Irwin Allen Competition

4th November 2011

IANN is running a new Irwin Allen competition. Competition closes on 10th November 2011:

Click here for details on how to enter the Irwin Allen Competition

First Prize: UK DVD for Season Two of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Second Prize: Promotional Time Tunnel T Shirt (size XL)

Third Prize: 8 Irwin Allen movie photos including 2 from Towering Inferno, 2 from The Swarm, 2 from When Time Ran Out, 1 from The Story of Mankind (of Chico Marx) and 1 from The Big Circus

Fourth Prize: Fan produced Giants patch, 2 Giants photos, 1960’s Stefan Arngrim photo, and a Stefan Arngrim postcard from his appearance in Switch

Fifth Prize: British 1998 Lost in Space postcard, Colour 10×8 of Mark and Marta, and 3 small photos

Sixth Prize: Original publicity photo from The Night the Bridge Fell Down and Alice in Wonderland, plus a 10×8 of Desi Arnaz Jr. (star of The Night the Bridge Fell Down)

James MacArthur

29th October 2010

We have just heard the very sad news that James MacArthur (The Night the Bridge Fell Down) died earlier today at the age of 72.  Best known for his role of Danny “Danno” Williams in Hawaii-5-0, Irwin Allen fans will also have enjoyed his work in the two part television movie The Night the Bridge Fell Down.

BBC Tribute

ABC News

Latest on Night The Bridge Fell Down DVD

30th July 2010

The good news is that Warner Bros. have been working hard to get the fault sorted out on the Night The Bridge Fell Down DVD.  A lot of fans are now receiving working replacements.

If you still get a faulty DVD, contact the company you bought it from and ask for a working replacement.  Warner Bros. customer services have been very helpful so we recommend buying directly from them or other reliable retailers such as Amazon who have a good reputation for customer service.

Good news on Night the Bridge Fell Down DVD

1st July 2010

We have received confirmation that fans are starting to receive working versions of The Night the Bridge Fell Down DVD from the Warner Bros Online Store.

If you bought a faulty copy from the Warner Bros store, we would recommend contacting them directly with your order number and ask how to obtain a replacement.

If buying this DVD from any other outlets, we do advise that you first check that they are shipping working versions and not left-over faulty DVDs.

Important Note

We strongly recommend checking any replacement DVDs on arrival (check gets past 84 minutes into the second DVD), as some faulty copies are still being sent out by Warners.  It’s possible that old and new stock are getting mixed up.

Update on Night the Bridge Fell Down DVD

16th May 2010

We have learned that Warner Bros may remove the Night the Bridge Fell Down DVD from its catalogue due to the manufacturing fault mentioned recently.  The item is no longer mentioned on the Warner Bros Store website, nor is the Irwin Allen value pack.

If you have a faulty copy of the DVD, you should contact the company you bought the DVD from and request a refund.  If you bought the DVD directly from Warner Bros, we have heard from fans that their customer services department has been very helpful.

It is a great shame that there has been a problem with this particular DVD as the recent DVDs released by Warner Bros have been otherwise excellent.

Further update on 18 May 2010: The DVD has reappeared in the Warner Bros Store but there is no information about whether there is going to be a re-mastered version of the DVD where the second disk doesn’t freeze.

Faulty Night the Bridge Fell Down DVD

28th April 2010

We have just discovered that the recent Warner Bros DVD release of The Night the Bridge Fell down has some kind of manufacturing fault and the second disk sticks at 1 hour 24 minutes into the second disk.  At 1 hour 24 minutes as the characters are descending the leg of the bridge, a boat approaches the bridge and the DVD sticks on Steve Marlo’s face (he plays the character in the boat).

Warner Brothers are already aware of the fault and have reported to a contact of ours that replacement disks also appear to have the fault.  We are currently trying to find out if all the Night the Bridge Fell Down DVDs produced are faulty, or just one batch.  As soon as we know, we will issue an update.

If you have bought the Night the Bridge Fell Down DVD and are seeing the same problem with the second disk, our advice is to contact Warner Bros Store about returning the DVD.  We understand they have been issuing credit rather than sending out replacements until the fault is rectified.

If you are planning to purchase the DVD, we would suggest contacting Warner Bros Store first to find out if the problem with defective second disks has been remedied.

Disaster TVM DVD Set

6th April 2010

Here’s the link to the new DVD set from the Warner Bros Store:

Irwin Allen TV Movie Disaster DVDs at Warner Bros Store

Warner Brothers Archive Collection

5th April 2010

Here’s a first view of the set of Irwin Allen disaster movie DVDs being released on Tuesday 6th April.

Irwin Allen Set of DVDs from Warner Bros

1st April 2010

News is coming through from several blogs that Warner Bros plan to release several Irwin Allen television movies on DVD in the next month or so.  Just hope that this isn’t an April Fool’s Joke considering it is April 1st!!!

Included are:

Cave In!



The Night the Bridge Fell Down

Hanging by a Thread

This is in addition to The Amazing Captain Nemo announced earlier.

List of Irwin Allen DVD releases planned from Warner Bros