The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen by Jeff Bond with foreword by Lost in Space star Bill Mumy (Titan Books, 15 October 2024)

Great news for Irwin Allen fans, especially those who weren’t able to afford or get hold of the original The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen by Jeff Bond. The cost of shipping such a substantial book overseas will have been prohibative for many. Advance orders are now being taken in both the US and UK for a re-release of this amazing book which is being re-published with a fresh cover design and a lower price point by Titan Books on 15 October 2024.

Pre-order from (#ad)

Pre-order from (#ad)

Poster Artwork for The Towering Inferno

Bidding on the original final poster artwork by John Berkey for The Towering Inferno has already exceeded over $200,000. The original art pieces in the Irwin Allen Collection are not only attracting Irwin Allen fans, but also art connoisseurs who will see these works of art as great investments. Original props and costumes are also drawing the attention of investors as illustrated by recent sale prices.

Towering Inferno original final poster artwork by John Berkey

The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen Robot

Heritage Auctions - The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen B-9 Robot

Aside from all the exceptional original artwork featured at the upcoming Heritage Auctions ( Irwin Allen Collection auction on 29th July 2023, the star of the show must surely be “The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen Robot” which is a precise replica of the original B-9 Robot. Recreated by Academy-nominated visual effects model builder Greg Jein from studio molds, with lighting, electronics and wiring installed by Ron Hamill, this exciting one-off creation will be the item to watch during the auction. Below is this Robot when it appeared in The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen with Bill Mumy and June Lockhart.

The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen with Bill Mumy, June Lockhart, and B-9 Robot

Kidnapped in Space Jumpsuit

The second costume we have received questions about is the orange jumpsuit. We have not found any scenes featuring Penny (Angela Cartwright) wearing the costume, but did find the outfit in the third season Lost in Space episode Kidnapped in Space. The outfit was worn by two characters “1220” (played by Carol Williams) and “1246”. If you find any episodes featuring Penny in the costume, please let us know.

Lost in Space - Kidnapped in Space Orange Jumpsuit

Lost in Space – Space Beauty Tunic

Several people have asked us about the costumes recently auctioned in the Heritage Auctions Comisar Collection (2-4 June 2023) and wanted to know where they can be seen in episodes. The first costume is the alien tunic with 6 arms. The costume was worn by a Space Beauty contestant in Season Three. The tunic also appeared in an earlier episode, Two Weeks in Space, worn by Carroll Roebke (Tat) and Edy Williams (Non), minus the extra arms.

Lost in Space - Space Beauty Alien Contestant Tunic