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The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen by Jeff Bond

1st August 2019
The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen by Jeff Bond with a foreword written by Lost in Space star, Bill Mumy.

The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen by Jeff Bond with foreword by Lost in Space star Bill Mumy is now shipping and is the ultimate Irwin Allen coffee table book. This beautifully presented hardback book runs at 600 colour pages with many never before seen photos, storyboards and blueprints.

The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen by Jeff Bond with a foreword written by Lost in Space star, Bill Mumy.

The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen covers all of Irwin Allen’s productions with chapters dedicated to each of the hugely popular sci-fi series. Through this book, we gain knowledge on the production of both the early movies and the later disaster movies, culminating in a final chapter which illustrates how the productions continue thrive for new generations including the exciting Netflix Lost in Space. Available exclusively at

Valerie in Giantland

21st February 2018

Valerie in Giantland: Valerie Ames Scott's Diary

Deanna Lund’s fan organisation Friends of Deanna Lund has just updated her 1992 novel Valerie in Giantland: Valerie Ames Scott’s Diary as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Land of the Giants. The revised book features a new colour cover and an epilogue chapter. Copies are available through Friends of Deanna Lund, at signings and through Amazon.

Jon Abbott – Naked Pulp

14th April 2017

British author Jon Abbott has produced the first of a new print-on-demand zine called Naked Pulp and the first issue includes a feature on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. The zine is available through the UK Amazon.

Jon Abbott will also have articles in future issues of the returning sci-fi magazine Infinity including a feature on Land of the Giants in the second issue, due out in June.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller Volume 24

23rd December 2011

Issue 24 of Sci-Fi Fantasy Modeler is due out in January 2012 and features MarkM‘s superb Year One Jupiter Two (Pilot episode “The Reluctant Stowaway” conversion) as well as an article on the Seaview model.

Sci-Fi Fantasy Modeler

SciFiNow Issue 55

11th June 2011

SciFiNow issue 55 features an 8 page article on Land of the Giants and chats with Gary Conway, Heather Young, Stefan Arngrim and Giants Log about this classic television series. Available in UK stores now.  The magazine can also be purchased online at the Imagine Shop.

Lost in Space Design: No Place to Hide

25th May 2011

New book written by Robert Rowe and edited by Jack Hagerty. 80 page softcover book with colour and black and white photos and illustrations.

Publisher’s Description:

Industry insider Robert Rowe was given unprecedented access to the Fox Television archives when he started researching Lost in Space in the mid ’80s. For over a decade, he continued to pore over production documents and interview the craftsmen responsible for creating the show. The result was The Jupiter 2 Repair Manual, a guide on the workings of the ship for the writers of the stillborn LiS reunion TV special. Fans of the show will be eternally grateful for Robert’s efforts since those archives are no longer accessible, and most of the people responsible for the series are no longer with us.

To make this invaluable information available to the show’s fans world-wide, Robert has expanded the Jupiter 2 Repair Manual into a series of Lost in Space Design books. This first one covers the creation of the original pilot episode, “No Place to Hide.”

Purchase Lost in Space Design: No Place to Hide direct from

Lost in Space Encyclopedia

7th December 2010

As Christmas approaches, we start thinking about what we can give our loved ones as a Christmas present.  This year, if your nearest and dearest happen to be Lost in Space fans, one option is the new Lost in Space Encyclopedia (edited by Flint Mitchell and William E. Anchors) which has just come out.


Alpha Control Reference Manual

22nd January 2010

We have just received the revised edition of the Alpha Control Reference Manual.  For more details, please visit the LISFAN web site.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller Volume 16

14th December 2009

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller volume 16 is due to be published on 20th January 2010 and features articles on the Jupiter II model kits.  You can pre-order this issue at the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller web site.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller #16

Christmas Present Idea – Outrage

13th December 2009

One way to further explore the work of Irwin Allen is to read the novels upon which his movies and shows were based.  Here is the novel which formed the basis of the TVM Outrage, written by Henry Denker.

Outrage by Henry Denker