Faulty Night the Bridge Fell Down DVD

We have just discovered that the recent Warner Bros DVD release of The Night the Bridge Fell down has some kind of manufacturing fault and the second disk sticks at 1 hour 24 minutes into the second disk.  At 1 hour 24 minutes as the characters are descending the leg of the bridge, a boat approaches the bridge and the DVD sticks on Steve Marlo’s face (he plays the character in the boat).

Warner Brothers are already aware of the fault and have reported to a contact of ours that replacement disks also appear to have the fault.  We are currently trying to find out if all the Night the Bridge Fell Down DVDs produced are faulty, or just one batch.  As soon as we know, we will issue an update.

If you have bought the Night the Bridge Fell Down DVD and are seeing the same problem with the second disk, our advice is to contact Warner Bros Store about returning the DVD.  We understand they have been issuing credit rather than sending out replacements until the fault is rectified.

If you are planning to purchase the DVD, we would suggest contacting Warner Bros Store first to find out if the problem with defective second disks has been remedied.