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The Amazing Captain Nemo DVD

30th March 2010

Warner Brothers are releasing The Amazing Captain Nemo on DVD on 6th April 2010
via their online store

Amazing Captain Nemo DVD at Warner Bros Online Store

Thank you to Lars Liljeblad for the latest information.

Spindrift Blueprint Gallery

29th March 2010

The Spindrift section also now includes a gallery showing blueprint drawings for the original Spindrift miniature design.

Second Casting of Spindrift Miniature

29th March 2010

We have added some further material to the Spindrift section including some pictures of a second unused casting of the Spindrift miniature (without side view ports).  Click on the image below to view pictures.

Jonathan Ross Radio Show

27th March 2010

We’ve just been listening to the Jonathan Ross Radio 2 show and during some banter with a guest he joked about something being like the “Time Tunnel”.  It’s good to hear that the Irwin Allen shows are part of everyday vocabulary.

Hero Spindrift Miniature

25th March 2010

We have just added a new gallery of wonderful pictures of the “hero” Spindrift miniature, courtesy of Mark Dorais.

Spindrift Miniature Gallery

Robert Culp

25th March 2010

March seems to have been a sad month.  Learned last night of the death of actor Robert Culp, star of Irwin Allen’s television movie Flood.

BBC Tribute to Robert Culp

Len Jones Paper Models

15th March 2010

Visit the Len Jones Paper Models Gallery

Joe Young Showcase

15th March 2010

Visit the Joe Young Art Showcase

Peter Graves

15th March 2010

Very sad to have just heard that actor Peter Graves (best known for Mission Impossible) has passed away aged 83.  Peter was one of the stars of Irwin Allen’s Memory of Eva Ryker.

BBC Tribute

Land of the Giants in Budapest

11th March 2010

Just spotted this news feature showing the giant sculptures in Budapest.

Giant sculptures in Budapest (BBC)