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Merry Christmas

24th December 2009

We would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and an exciting, Irwin Allen packed new year.

Richard Salvucci Gallery

22nd December 2009

Here is a link to the new Richard Salvucci Gallery.

Thor Arngrim – Nov. 25th 1928 – Dec. 16th 2009

18th December 2009

Message from Stefan Arngrim:

Thor Arngrim

Thor Arngrim – Nov. 25th 1928 – Dec. 16th 2009 – thank you all for your prayers and support – contributions in memoriam of my father to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research would be greatly appreciated (and needed) – thank you – Stefan Arngrim.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller Volume 16

14th December 2009

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller volume 16 is due to be published on 20th January 2010 and features articles on the Jupiter II model kits.  You can pre-order this issue at the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller web site.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller #16

Christmas Present Idea – Outrage

13th December 2009

One way to further explore the work of Irwin Allen is to read the novels upon which his movies and shows were based.  Here is the novel which formed the basis of the TVM Outrage, written by Henry Denker.

Outrage by Henry Denker

Christmas Present Idea – Inkworks Lost in Space

9th December 2009

The Inkworks classic Lost in Space collectors card set was released to coincide with the Lost in Space Movie and it is a superb and high quality set of cards. These cards can still be found at collectors fairs and online stores and are well worth having as part of your Lost in Space collection.

The Inkworks classic Lost in Space collectors card set

Christmas Present Idea – Lost World DVD

8th December 2009

Here’s something for the Christmas stocking – The Lost World DVD (2 disk set).

Lost World DVD

Christmas Present Idea – Moebius Model Kits

6th December 2009

With a large array of model kits available, there is something for all budgets amongst the Moebius Models Irwin Allen model kit range.
Moebius Models Irwin Allen Collection

The Moebius Model kits can be purchased online at FabGearUSA.  Also, FabGearUSA are offering Irwin Allen News Network and Giants Log fans a free Land of the Giants wastebasket with any new order for in-stock items at until 25th December 2009, Christmas Day.

The coupon code is:

This code entitles the bearer to one Land of the Giants wastebasket (value $14.99) for no charge with any new order for in-stock merchandise at from now through December 25th, 2009.  Make sure to add the wastebasket to your shopping cart, or you will not receive it!  Exclusively for Irwin Allen News Network and Giants Log fans.  Normal shipping charges apply.

Special Thoughts for Thor Arngrim

4th December 2009

Stefan Arngrim has asked for everyones thoughts and prayers for his father Thor who is seriously ill in hospital. Stefan thanks you for thinking of them at this very worrying time.

Christmas Present Idea – German Time Tunnel

3rd December 2009

The Time Tunnel is now being released in German in Region 2 PAL format.  So far, two volumes have been released.

German Time Tunnel DVDs

Volume 1 contains episodes: 1) Rendezvous With Yesterday; 2) One Way To The Moon; 3) End Of The World; 4) The Day The Sky Fell In; 5) The Last Patrol; 6) Crack of Doom; 7) Revenge Of The Gods; 8 ) Massacre

Volume 2 contains episodes: 9) Devil’s Island; 10) Reign of Terror; 11) Secret Weapon; 12) The Death Trap; 13) The Alamo; 14) The Night Of The Long Knives; 15) Invasion