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Netflix Lost in Space Official Trailer

7th March 2018

Here is the official trailer for Netflix Lost in Space which premieres on Friday 13th April 2018.

Netflix Lost in Space Teaser and Release Date

22nd February 2018

Netflix’s new version of Lost in Space (10 episodes) will be available to view on the Netflix platform from Friday 13th April 2018. The trailer video is exciting to see and looks of cinematic quality.

Red Eye Sci-Fi from MeTV

12th September 2016

Land of the Giants, The Time Tunnel, Lost in Space, and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea are all now being broadcast on US television after midnight on Sunday mornings on the MeTV network. Enjoy the MeTV trailer above.

MeTV Red Eye Sci-Fi

MeTV Land of the Giants

MeTV The Time Tunnel

MeTV Lost in Space

MeTV Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Something BIG is coming to HORROR!

12th September 2016

Land of the Giants on the UK Horror Channel

Land of the Giants is back in the UK on the Horror Channel on weekdays at 12 pm and 8pm starting on 19th September 2016 (Freeview 70, Sky 319, Virgin 149, Freesat 138).  Keep an eye on the UK Horror Channel as they are showing the trailer for Irwin Allen’s Land of the Giants during programme intervals.

Horror Channel Trailer

Robert Colbert Radio Interview

4th October 2012

Robert Colbert, star of The Time Tunnel and City Beneath the Sea, and guest star on Land of the Giants (Sabotage), appears on Stu Shostak’s radio show on 10th October 2012 at 4pm PT (Midnight UK). The interview will also be available for download shortly afterwards.

If you would like to ask Robert Colbert any questions about his career and The Time Tunnel, there is an email link on the main IANN Time Tunnel page to send questions to the Stu Show.  Stu will try and include as many of your questions as possible in the interview.

Ken Netzel’s Robot Collection

3rd February 2012

Ken Netzel’s amazing robot collection was recently showcased on the WGRZ channel with particular attention paid to his full scale Lost in Space Robot.

Watch WGRZ segment at Ken’s Home

Giants Inspired Commercials

27th December 2011

Not only does the Land of the Giants theme feature in the Boxing Day airing of the new Stephen Fry and Christopher Eccleston version of The Borrowers, but we’ve also spotted recent television commercials using the giant and little people concept.

Alan Carr’s New Year Spectacular for Channel 4 this year is being promoted in advance with a giant Alan Carr standing by Big Ben.

You can also see the little people theme being used in quit smoking campaign commercials.

The Borrowers

24th December 2011

Land of the Giants just got a mention on the BBC Breakfast Show during a discussion on the new adaptation of The Borrowers, 7.30pm on Monday 26 December on BBC1.  The 90 minute movie stars Stephen Fry and the effects look excellent and the little people proportions and ideas are very reminiscent of Land of the Giants.

The Borrowers

They have definitely “borrowed” some ideas from Land of the Giants, see picture in following article:

Daily Telegraph Review

Lost in Space and Voyage Return to US TV

1st October 2011

MeTV will be airing Lost in Space and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea in the US on Saturdays from 1st October 2011.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea airs on Saturdays at 12am on MeTV

Lost in Space airs on Saturdays at 8pm on MeTV

Stefan Arngrim UK Radio Interview

24th June 2011

Stefan Arngrim was interviewed on The Late Show with Ian Collins on UK radio channel TalkSport on the night of 23/24 June 2011. You can listen to the interview at

Click on the 0000-0030 time range and he was on at 00:20 (ie. 12.20am).