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Flash Gordon Computerized Space Vehicle

24th June 2010

There is a 1978 Japanese toy which is remarkably similar to the Land of the Giants Spindrift.  What do you think?  Does anyone have this toy?

Visit the Flash Gordon Space Vehicle – Spindrift Lookalike Gallery

Video Tour of Jupiter 2 Replica Interior

24th June 2010

Phil Hamilton and Bill Hedges have filmed a video tour of Bill’s amazing replica Jupiter 2 interior.

View the Bill Hedges Jupiter 2 Interior Video Tour

New Art from Kenneth Netzel

20th June 2010

Kenneth Netzel has sent in some fabulous new Lost in Space artwork.  Click here or on the image below to visit the Kenneth Netzel art gallery.

Ronald Neame

18th June 2010

We have just learned from the BBC web site that director Ronald Neame died on Wednesday, aged 99.  Ronald Neame was the director of Irwin Allen’s The Poseidon Adventure.

BBC Tribute to Ronald Neame

British Land of the Giants Sticker Fun Book

16th June 2010

Visit the Land of the Giants Sticker Fun Book Gallery

Arthur Herzog III

9th June 2010

Author Arthur Herzog III who wrote The Swarm died yesterday, 8th June 2010, at the age of 83.

New York Times Tribute to Arthur Herzog III

Profiles in History – Auction 40

8th June 2010

The 10-12 June 2010 Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 40 features several very special original Lost in Space props including the original filming Space Pod miniature.  The Lost in Space item lots are featured on Day 2 of the auction and on Day 3 there are many rare Star Trek lots up for auction.

Visit the Profiles in History Auction 40 Gallery

Lee Meriwether Appearance in All My Children

7th June 2010

Lee Meriwether (Time Tunnel) reprises her role of Ruth Martin in All My Children this week for Jake and Amanda’s wedding.

All My Children News

Scratch Built Nautilus Model

7th June 2010

James Squellati has been working on constructing a scratch built Nautilus model (The Return of Captain Nemo).  We very much hope that a model kit manufacturer will some day consider issuing a Nautilus model kit as there is very little available on this model.

Visit James Squellati’s Scratch Built Nautilus Model

John P. Britton Land of the Giants Gallery

7th June 2010

Visit the new John P. Britton Land of the Giants Gallery