Amber Flower

If you’re a keen viewer of Land of the Giants, you might remember Amber Flower who played the naughty granddaughter in the episode Ghost Town.  We found this clip of Amber in an earlier series, Gunsmoke, in 1965.  If anyone knows what she went on to do after Land of the Giants, please do drop us a line.

Lost in Space Design: No Place to Hide

New book written by Robert Rowe and edited by Jack Hagerty. 80 page softcover book with colour and black and white photos and illustrations.

Publisher’s Description:

Industry insider Robert Rowe was given unprecedented access to the Fox Television archives when he started researching Lost in Space in the mid ’80s. For over a decade, he continued to pore over production documents and interview the craftsmen responsible for creating the show. The result was The Jupiter 2 Repair Manual, a guide on the workings of the ship for the writers of the stillborn LiS reunion TV special. Fans of the show will be eternally grateful for Robert’s efforts since those archives are no longer accessible, and most of the people responsible for the series are no longer with us.

To make this invaluable information available to the show’s fans world-wide, Robert has expanded the Jupiter 2 Repair Manual into a series of Lost in Space Design books. This first one covers the creation of the original pilot episode, “No Place to Hide.”

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