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Rodger E. Maus

19th April 2017

We have learned the very sad news that Emmy award winning and Oscar nominated Art Director and Production Designer Rodger E. Maus, who worked for many of Irwin Allen’s productions, passed away last month (16th March 2017) at the age of 84. You only have to browse around our site to see the results of his work, be it the design of the Lost in Space Space Pod or the sub-orbital spaceship, the Spindrift, from Land of the Giants.
Rodger E. Maus Space Pod and Spindrift blueprints

We were honoured to meet with Rodger Maus in 1992 in Los Angeles and he was a charming gentleman. Below is a photograph of Rodger reading our Land of the Giants 25th Anniversary Special.

Rodger E. Maus in 1992

Rodger Ernest Maus Obituary

Take a Tour of the Spindrift

5th May 2012

Kyle Allen takes us on an out-of-this-world tour of the Land of the Giants sub-orbital spaceship, The Spindrift.

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s…

12th June 2011

Steve Causey was taking some photographs of the night sky recently and caught this on camera:

Land of the Giants Spindrift Toothpick Craft

10th March 2011

New gallery added for the Land of the Giants Remco Spindrift Toothpick Craft

Moebius Models Spindrift Kit Now in Stores

10th March 2011

The new Moebius Models Spindrift kit is now available in stores. If you would like to have your Spindrift builds featured in our Model Builds galleries, please email a range of photos of the build with your name and location.

Moebius Models Spindrift Kit Box Art

30th January 2011

Here is first sight of the upcoming Moebius Models Spindrift kit box courtesy of Moebius Models.

Moebius Models Spindrift Kit Gallery

1/128 Scale Spindrift Coming Soon

28th October 2010

We have exciting news. Moebius Models are planning to issue a small 1/128 scale (approx. 4.5 inches long) Spindrift model kit during the first part of next year, 2011. Pictures will follow when available.

Original Spindrift Filming Miniature

19th September 2010

We have added some new photographs of the original Spindrift miniature in the Spindrift Gallery, courtesy of Mark Dorais.

Visit the Spindrift “Hero” Miniature Gallery

John Picha 3D Spindrift Model

28th August 2010

John Picha has designed a new 3D model of the Land of the Giants Spindrift using amongst other things the miniature blueprints and photos on the IANN site as a reference guide.  To view his amazing 3D model, please click on the image or link below.

View the John Picha 3D Model Spindrift video

Flash Gordon Computerized Space Vehicle

24th June 2010

There is a 1978 Japanese toy which is remarkably similar to the Land of the Giants Spindrift.  What do you think?  Does anyone have this toy?

Visit the Flash Gordon Space Vehicle – Spindrift Lookalike Gallery