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Rodger E. Maus

19th April 2017

We have learned the very sad news that Emmy award winning and Oscar nominated Art Director and Production Designer Rodger E. Maus, who worked for many of Irwin Allen’s productions, passed away last month (16th March 2017) at the age of 84. You only have to browse around our site to see the results of his work, be it the design of the Lost in Space Space Pod or the sub-orbital spaceship, the Spindrift, from Land of the Giants.
Rodger E. Maus Space Pod and Spindrift blueprints

We were honoured to meet with Rodger Maus in 1992 in Los Angeles and he was a charming gentleman. Below is a photograph of Rodger reading our Land of the Giants 25th Anniversary Special.

Rodger E. Maus in 1992

Rodger Ernest Maus Obituary

John Williams at Lincoln Party

31st December 2012

Deanna Lund recently met up with composer John Williams at a party for the new movie Lincoln for which John has composed the music. Nearly half a century ago, John Williams composed themes for several Irwin Allen productions including Land of the Giants. Deanna and Carol have kindly sent this beautiful photograph for us to share with you.

Ronald Neame

18th June 2010

We have just learned from the BBC web site that director Ronald Neame died on Wednesday, aged 99.  Ronald Neame was the director of Irwin Allen’s The Poseidon Adventure.

BBC Tribute to Ronald Neame

Paul Zastupnevich Production Art Gallery

20th September 2009

A new gallery called The Production Art Gallery has opened online and is the “world’s first art gallery dedicated solely to original film and TV art”. Included in their immense portfolio are many pieces of original Paul Zastupnevich costume art, which are available for sale. Click on the image below to visit the Paul Zastupnevich Production Art Gallery.

Paul Zastupnevich Production Art Gallery

Interview with Elizabeth Emanuel

28th August 2009

For anyone who is interested in another view point of what it was like working for Irwin Allen, you may be interested in our 1992 interview with his researcher, a charming English lady named Elizabeth Emanuel.

Elizabeth Emanuel Interview

Researcher Elizabeth Emanuel