Bill Mumy CD News

Bill Mumy has a new CD out called “Glorious In Defeat”. To find out more, please visit Bill’s web site.  Here is a listing of the tracks on the album:

1 Stolen Love
2 Can’t Complain
3 I Changed My Mind
4 Rely on That
5 All Wound Up
6 Dive
7 Is It Me?
8 A Hundred Good Reasons
9 Heartfull
10 Hear My Memory Scream
11 Try So Hard
12 We Don’t Want The Same Things Anymore
13 Love in Vain Blues

Glorious In Defeat

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Hollywood Show 9-10 October

All of the surviving cast members of Land of the Giants, namely Deanna Lund, Gary Conway, Heather Young, Don Marshall, Don Matheson and Stefan Arngrim are planning to attend the Hollywood Show at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel and Convention Center on 9-10 October 2010.  As with all guest appearances, schedules can change, so please keep an eye on the Hollywood Show web site for any changes and updates to guest lists.