The Voice and Soul of the Lost in Space Robot

Bob May and Dick Tufeld in 1997

The Voice of the iconic Lost in Space Robot, Dick Tufeld, passed away on Sunday 22nd January 2012. A truly remarkable gentleman has been lost from the worlds of Irwin Allen.

Not only did he provide the voice, and indeed the soul, for the Robot, but also voiceovers for several other Irwin Allen productions including Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and The Time Tunnel. He also lent his voice to the Land of the Giants presentation reel which you can see on both the US and UK DVD releases.

The Robot spoke again in the guise of the cinematic release of Lost in Space in 1998, with a new look, but the voice was exactly the same. Dick also recorded robot voice clips for the benefit of the full scale B-9 Robot replica owners so his voice will continue to live on through the Robot in homes around the globe.

Danger Will Robinson!”