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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller Volume 24

23rd December 2011

Issue 24 of Sci-Fi Fantasy Modeler is due out in January 2012 and features MarkM‘s superb Year One Jupiter Two (Pilot episode “The Reluctant Stowaway” conversion) as well as an article on the Seaview model.

Sci-Fi Fantasy Modeler

Jeff Summers

27th April 2011

A new addition this week is the Jeff Summers showcase gallery.  Jeff has created some inspirational art using MarkM Models builds.  In addition, he has also sent us some excellent Time Tunnel concept art.

Jeff Summers Showcase

The Jupiter 2 Unpacked

8th March 2011

John Picha has created this unpacked Jupiter 2 3d model as an exercise in imagination. Ever wondered how the Pod and Chariot fit into the larger saucer body? What was between the bulk heads? To see more, view the 3d model created by John Picha.

Buddy Irvin Model Builds

2nd March 2011

A new addition to the IANN Lost in Space Media section are videos of Buddy Irvin’s motorized adaptations of the Moebius Models kits.

View Buddy Irvin’s Model Build Videos

Buddy Irvin Gallery

Jupiter 2 Ready to Fly

1st March 2011

John Picha’s latest 3D creation is the Lost in Space Jupiter 2.

John Picha 3D Lost in Space Models

John Picha Gallery

Lost in Space Jupiter 2 Blueprints

8th August 2010

There is a new IANN Lost in Space Behind the Scenes section which features blueprints showing the full size Jupiter 2 set courtesy of Bill Hedges.

Full Size Jupiter 2 Blueprints

Moebius Models at Star Wars Celebration

4th August 2010

Star Wars Celebration in Orlando Florida

Moebius Models Prefinished Metal Jupiter 2

4th August 2010

Moebius Models are issuing a prefinished and ready-to-display metal Jupiter 2 replica at the beginning of 2011. This stunning 1/35th scale, 18 inch diameter Jupiter 2 model will come completely finished with lights. It weighs 19 pounds and has a metal hull and landing gear, and plastic painted interior. There is internal lighting, plus 3 speed fusion core. This special collectible includes a rechargeable battery plus wall transformer that doubles as a charger.

Visit the Moebius Models Metal Jupiter 2 Gallery

Video Tour of Jupiter 2 Replica Interior

24th June 2010

Phil Hamilton and Bill Hedges have filmed a video tour of Bill’s amazing replica Jupiter 2 interior.

View the Bill Hedges Jupiter 2 Interior Video Tour

Replica Jupiter 2 Interior Feature

30th May 2010

Bill Hedges has created an amazing basement replica of the Jupiter 2 interior and you can read about the props and sets he has built in the feature article in the IANN Lost in Space showcase.

Visit Bill Hedges Replica Jupiter 2 Feature and Gallery