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Researching The Poseidon Adventure

18th June 2011

We have spent several weeks trying to identify as many of the cast of The Poseidon Adventure as we can. We still have several names and faces we’re trying to match up, and would welcome help from any movie buffs who would like to participate in this research.  We feel it is important that this is done in order to pay tribute to the many performers who don’t always get the credit they deserve.  If you can help, please contact IANN.

We have also added some galleries of photos of the Queen Mary, the Poseidon filming miniature, a selection of storyboards, and pages of the shooting schedule.

Land of the Giants “Framed” Camera Prop

19th September 2010

Another new addition to the Land of the Giants Prop section is the giant camera used in the Land of the Giants episode “Framed”.

Visit the Giant Camera Gallery

Land of the Giants – Giant Hand

19th September 2010

Visit the Giant Hand Gallery

Giant Telephone Gallery

19th September 2010

We have added a new gallery on the IANN Land of the Giants prop section for the giant telephone props at Universal Studios.

Visit the Giant Telephone Gallery

Space Pod Blueprints

8th August 2010

Life Size Space Pod Blueprints

Lost in Space Jupiter 2 Blueprints

8th August 2010

There is a new IANN Lost in Space Behind the Scenes section which features blueprints showing the full size Jupiter 2 set courtesy of Bill Hedges.

Full Size Jupiter 2 Blueprints

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Blueprints

8th August 2010

We are adding a new blueprints section to the IANN Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Behind the Scenes section and start with an early blueprint for the Seaview miniature used in the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea movie starring Walter Pidgeon.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Movie Seaview Miniature Blueprints