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Japanese Irwin Allen Collectible Auctions

22nd September 2013

Irwin Allen Collectible Auctions

Our friends in Japan have listed a number of rare 1960s/70s Japanese Irwin Allen collectibles for auction on Ebay (ending 23rd or 24th September, depending on your time zone). Click here or on the above image to see the items being auctioned.

If you are planning on auctioning any unusual, original, or rare Irwin Allen toys or collectibles at an online auction house or eBay and would like IANN to publicise your auction, please feel free to email over some pictures and descriptions with auction estimates, time, date and location details. Please let us know the name to credit with each photo (can be full name, nickname, initials etc).

Irwin Allen Related Auctions

Moebius Models Lost in Space Chariot Build

28th June 2012

Lars Liljeblad has just completed his build of the Moebius Models Chariot and it is now featured in the IANN model gallery.

TV & Satellite Week Land of the Giants Competition

29th July 2011

TV & Satellite Week are running a special Land of the Giants competition which closes on Friday 19th August 2011 with DVD, T Shirt and Spindrift model kit prizes. Click here for more information.

Moebius Models Spindrift Kit Now in Stores

10th March 2011

The new Moebius Models Spindrift kit is now available in stores. If you would like to have your Spindrift builds featured in our Model Builds galleries, please email a range of photos of the build with your name and location.

Moebius Models Spindrift Kit Box Art

30th January 2011

Here is first sight of the upcoming Moebius Models Spindrift kit box courtesy of Moebius Models.

Moebius Models Spindrift Kit Gallery

1/128 Scale Spindrift Coming Soon

28th October 2010

We have exciting news. Moebius Models are planning to issue a small 1/128 scale (approx. 4.5 inches long) Spindrift model kit during the first part of next year, 2011. Pictures will follow when available.

Moebius Models at Star Wars Celebration

4th August 2010

Star Wars Celebration in Orlando Florida

Moebius Models Prefinished Metal Jupiter 2

4th August 2010

Moebius Models are issuing a prefinished and ready-to-display metal Jupiter 2 replica at the beginning of 2011. This stunning 1/35th scale, 18 inch diameter Jupiter 2 model will come completely finished with lights. It weighs 19 pounds and has a metal hull and landing gear, and plastic painted interior. There is internal lighting, plus 3 speed fusion core. This special collectible includes a rechargeable battery plus wall transformer that doubles as a charger.

Visit the Moebius Models Metal Jupiter 2 Gallery

Flash Gordon Computerized Space Vehicle

24th June 2010

There is a 1978 Japanese toy which is remarkably similar to the Land of the Giants Spindrift.  What do you think?  Does anyone have this toy?

Visit the Flash Gordon Space Vehicle – Spindrift Lookalike Gallery

Scratch Built Nautilus Model

7th June 2010

James Squellati has been working on constructing a scratch built Nautilus model (The Return of Captain Nemo).  We very much hope that a model kit manufacturer will some day consider issuing a Nautilus model kit as there is very little available on this model.

Visit James Squellati’s Scratch Built Nautilus Model