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Directory Reorganisation

23rd February 2010

Over the coming week, we are renaming some directories around the IANN site, particularly the locations for the movies.  So please check the left hand links in the Productions section for the updated path names.  Some areas of the site may be down for a while whilst we make these changes.

Site Navigation Recommendations

16th February 2010

To ensure you can view all the menus, videos and slideshows throughout the IANN and Giants Log sites, it is worth checking that your browser is set to allow the use of the following:

  • Javascript
  • Flash

Internet Explorer Notes

With Internet Explorer, we recommend upgrading to the latest version (IE 8 ) and viewing our sites with at least version 7. Version 6 of Internet Explorer is particularly buggy, so upgrading would be worthwhile.

It is still possible that Flash and Javascript may not operate correctly and this may be remedied by ensuring that all of the IANN related sites are included in your Trusted Sites list. This can be accessed via the Internet Explorer menu bar at the top of the browser, by clicking on the following sequence of options/tabs and adding “” etc. to the list:

Tools – Internet Options – Security – Trusted Sites

Haiti Earthquake Disaster

16th January 2010

Whilst our focus is on fictional disaster stories and adventures, real life tragedies continue around us and we witness the brave efforts of millions who step in to help others, be they strangers, neighbours, friends, or family.  The UN have confirmed today that the Haiti earthquake is the most severe disaster they have ever encountered.

If you have been as moved as we have by the news coming through from Haiti, you can help in many different ways.  There are several reputable organisations you can donate to where donations go direct to those most in need, and we’ll list some links below.  If you don’t have funds to spare, you can donate things like clothes, household items, toys and books to charity stores such as Oxfam and they can use these items to raise money to help the people most affected by these disasters.

We can never forget that whilst the current focus is on the Haitian disaster, there are ongoing humanitarian disasters around the world that these organisations assist with every day of the year.  Like other disasters before, Haiti will need on-going support in the coming years to rebuild its infrastructure.

British Red Cross

American Red Cross

World Vision


Happy New Year

1st January 2010

Happy New Year!!!  Here’s to a wonderfully Irwin Allen 2010.

Christopher Krieg has created this fun new year message:

Merry Christmas

24th December 2009

We would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and an exciting, Irwin Allen packed new year.

Special Thoughts for Thor Arngrim

4th December 2009

Stefan Arngrim has asked for everyones thoughts and prayers for his father Thor who is seriously ill in hospital. Stefan thanks you for thinking of them at this very worrying time.