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Stefan Arngrim UK Radio Interview

24th June 2011

Stefan Arngrim was interviewed on The Late Show with Ian Collins on UK radio channel TalkSport on the night of 23/24 June 2011. You can listen to the interview at

Click on the 0000-0030 time range and he was on at 00:20 (ie. 12.20am).

TalkSport Interview with Stefan Arngrim

23rd June 2011

We have just received confirmation that Stefan Arngrim will be interviewed on The Late Show with Ian Collins on UK radio channel TalkSport at approximately 12.15am UK time (4.15pm PST) tonight.  There are a number of ways you can listen to the show:

TalkSport – How to listen

BBC Glastonbury Commercial

20th June 2011

Land of the Giants has definitely had an influence on television commercials including the VW Polo and Santander commercials we’ve mentioned on several occasions.

We have just seen the BBC commercial for their radio and television broadcasts of the Glastonbury Festival coming up on 22-26 June 2011, and they feature hundreds of little people seated around a giant television, ready to watch the festival.

If we can find a clip showing the commercial online somewhere, we will add a link to it.

Researching The Poseidon Adventure

18th June 2011

We have spent several weeks trying to identify as many of the cast of The Poseidon Adventure as we can. We still have several names and faces we’re trying to match up, and would welcome help from any movie buffs who would like to participate in this research.  We feel it is important that this is done in order to pay tribute to the many performers who don’t always get the credit they deserve.  If you can help, please contact IANN.

We have also added some galleries of photos of the Queen Mary, the Poseidon filming miniature, a selection of storyboards, and pages of the shooting schedule.

UK Time Tunnel DVD Box Set

14th June 2011

The time has finally arrived.  The Time Tunnel is now available as a complete DVD box set and to celebrate, here is the promo video from Revelation Films.

Watching The Crash

12th June 2011

The UK DVD release of Land of the Giants Season 2 is available from Monday 13th June 2011 and features the very special audio commentary recorded by all of the cast.  Here’s a photograph taken during the recording showing the Land of the Giants cast watching the pilot episode, The Crash.

Land of the Giants Commentary Gallery

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s…

12th June 2011

Steve Causey was taking some photographs of the night sky recently and caught this on camera:

SciFiNow Issue 55

11th June 2011

SciFiNow issue 55 features an 8 page article on Land of the Giants and chats with Gary Conway, Heather Young, Stefan Arngrim and Giants Log about this classic television series. Available in UK stores now.  The magazine can also be purchased online at the Imagine Shop.