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Replica Jupiter 2 Interior Feature

30th May 2010

Bill Hedges has created an amazing basement replica of the Jupiter 2 interior and you can read about the props and sets he has built in the feature article in the IANN Lost in Space showcase.

Visit Bill Hedges Replica Jupiter 2 Feature and Gallery

Mark Goddard Interview Retro Radio LIVE: Last night

26th May 2010

Mark Goddard was interviewed last night on Retro Radio LIVE! and you can listen to the interview by clicking the play button/arrow below.

Anaheim Comic Con Gallery

24th May 2010

A new Irwin Allen convention gallery has been added for the April 2010 Anaheim Comic Con (courtesy of Diane Kachmar).  Attendees included David Hedison, Deanna Lund, Don Matheson, Don Marshall and Lee Meriwether.

Visit the Anaheim Comic Con Gallery

Remco Lost in Space 3D Action Fun Game

21st May 2010

Another hard to find Lost in Space collectible is the Lost in Space 3D Action Fun Game from Remco produced in 1966.  The 3D game is built up from layered card and supports with a spinner dial, and includes 4 space men in red, blue, yellow and white.

Visit the Remco Lost in Space 3D Action Fun Game Gallery

Remco Lost in Space Helmet and Gun Set

21st May 2010

The Remco Lost in Space Helmet and Signal Ray Gun Set is one of the rarer Lost in Space Collectibles to find.  It was comprised of a blue plastic children’s helmet plus a silver and red plastic “signal ray gun” toy.

Visit the Land of the Giants collectibles section to compare the ray gun with the Land of the Giants Signal-Ray Space Gun toy.

Visit the Remco Lost in Space Helmet and Ray Gun Set Gallery

Land of the Giants Remco Shoot ‘N Stick Target Rifle

19th May 2010

One of the harder to find Land of the Giants collectibles is the Remco Shoot ‘N Stick Target Rifle.  As with many Irwin Allen collectibles produced in the 1960’s, this Remco toy isn’t related to any particular prop in the show itself, but the box and labeling does make it a worthwhile collectible in any Land of the Giants collection.

Visit the Land of the Giants Remco Shoot ‘N Stick Target Rifle Gallery

Aurora Seaview Model Kits

17th May 2010

We have added a new gallery of pictures of the three Aurora Seaview model kits in the IANN Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea collectibles section courtesy of Dave Holderbaum.

If you have any Irwin Allen collectibles that you would like to see showcased, please contact us at IANN.

Update on Night the Bridge Fell Down DVD

16th May 2010

We have learned that Warner Bros may remove the Night the Bridge Fell Down DVD from its catalogue due to the manufacturing fault mentioned recently.  The item is no longer mentioned on the Warner Bros Store website, nor is the Irwin Allen value pack.

If you have a faulty copy of the DVD, you should contact the company you bought the DVD from and request a refund.  If you bought the DVD directly from Warner Bros, we have heard from fans that their customer services department has been very helpful.

It is a great shame that there has been a problem with this particular DVD as the recent DVDs released by Warner Bros have been otherwise excellent.

Further update on 18 May 2010: The DVD has reappeared in the Warner Bros Store but there is no information about whether there is going to be a re-mastered version of the DVD where the second disk doesn’t freeze.

Cave In! to be aired on UK television

10th May 2010

Cave In! is to be aired in the UK for first time in over 20 years on CBS Action (Sky channel 148) on Saturday 15th May at 2pm and 6pm.  It will also be repeated on 30th May, 12th June and 26th June (again at 2pm and 6pm on all of those dates).

Poseidon Adventure CD already sold out!

6th May 2010

We have noticed today that the limited edition (3000 copies) Poseidon Adventure CD is already sold out at La-La Land Records.  A lot of them have probably been bought up by dealers planning to resell them on, so you may still find them available elsewhere.  Worth comparing prices though as we’ve seen some being sold for over 3 times the original price.