Latest on Night The Bridge Fell Down DVD

The good news is that Warner Bros. have been working hard to get the fault sorted out on the Night The Bridge Fell Down DVD.  A lot of fans are now receiving working replacements.

If you still get a faulty DVD, contact the company you bought it from and ask for a working replacement.  Warner Bros. customer services have been very helpful so we recommend buying directly from them or other reliable retailers such as Amazon who have a good reputation for customer service.

More Big Brother

Continuing the space type theme in this weeks Big Brother reality show, they have introduced 3 new house mates by landing them into the Big Brother garden by a Space Pod type vehicle!!!  As the doors of this pod open, the house mates appear in silver space suits!

Big Brother New Arrivals

British Big Brother Robot Theme

This week, the British Big Brother reality TV show has had a Robot themed task.  Really wish they had considered having the Lost in Space Robot as part of the show.

They have had another giant robot, Titan, competing against house mates in various tasks, and so far, the house mates have been victorious in three out of five tasks including smoothie making, hair cutting and egg whisking.  The Titan robot however beat house mates in floor sweeping and inflating an airbed.  Of course, the Titan robot had all the latest electric mod-cons whilst house mates had to use old fashioned hand tools.

Interestingly, two separate house mates have mentioned “Lost in Space” as well as a couple going “Warning, Warning”.

Good news on Night the Bridge Fell Down DVD

We have received confirmation that fans are starting to receive working versions of The Night the Bridge Fell Down DVD from the Warner Bros Online Store.

If you bought a faulty copy from the Warner Bros store, we would recommend contacting them directly with your order number and ask how to obtain a replacement.

If buying this DVD from any other outlets, we do advise that you first check that they are shipping working versions and not left-over faulty DVDs.

Important Note

We strongly recommend checking any replacement DVDs on arrival (check gets past 84 minutes into the second DVD), as some faulty copies are still being sent out by Warners.  It’s possible that old and new stock are getting mixed up.