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Moebius Models Lost in Space Chariot Build

28th June 2012

Lars Liljeblad has just completed his build of the Moebius Models Chariot and it is now featured in the IANN model gallery.

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s…

12th June 2011

Steve Causey was taking some photographs of the night sky recently and caught this on camera:

Jeff Summers

27th April 2011

A new addition this week is the Jeff Summers showcase gallery.  Jeff has created some inspirational art using MarkM Models builds.  In addition, he has also sent us some excellent Time Tunnel concept art.

Jeff Summers Showcase

The Taurons are Coming!

13th April 2011

Here is a fun video from Bill Hedges featuring his cat and an amazing scratch built Tauron Crab Robot. The Tauron Crab Robot appeared in the Lost in Space episode The Sky is Falling, as well as in a modified form in The Golden Man.

Tauron Crab Robot Model Build Gallery

Buddy Irvin Model Builds

2nd March 2011

A new addition to the IANN Lost in Space Media section are videos of Buddy Irvin’s motorized adaptations of the Moebius Models kits.

View Buddy Irvin’s Model Build Videos

Buddy Irvin Gallery

Lost in Space Derelict Diorama

27th February 2011

Talented model builder Philip Hamrick has created this scratch built Derelict diorama featuring the Johnny Lightning Jupiter 2.

Visit Philip Hamrick’s Lost in Space Model Gallery

Premiere of Night of the Cat

17th November 2010

A little bit of Giants fun.  Introducing Roscoe as “The Cat” in Land of Cat Giants episode Night of the Cat.

Night of the Cat Slide Show

Bill Hedges Diorama and Model Gallery

5th June 2010

We have set up a new model gallery featuring Bill Hedges dioramas and models.  It includes a showcase of a highly detailed diorama depicting the Lost in Space Stage 11 set during filming of the first season episode Wish upon a Star.  Bill has also scratch built the Hyperatomic Missile which featured in the second season episode The Forbidden World.

Bill Hedges Dioramas and Models

Replica Jupiter 2 Interior Feature

30th May 2010

Bill Hedges has created an amazing basement replica of the Jupiter 2 interior and you can read about the props and sets he has built in the feature article in the IANN Lost in Space showcase.

Visit Bill Hedges Replica Jupiter 2 Feature and Gallery

Len Jones Paper Models

15th March 2010

Visit the Len Jones Paper Models Gallery