The Saticons in Mental

Steven Cateris has told us about a new Australian film called ‘Mental.’ The Saticons from Lost in Space are in it! One of the characters, Michelle, thinks aliens from outer space are visiting her in her bedroom. The aliens are the Saticons, and they say “We want the mechanical man” (just like in ‘Wreck of the Robot.’) Toni Collette breaks in to her bedroom and says, “You can’t give them the mechanical man because you’re not a character from Lost in Space.” Later in the film, Michelle says, “Those aliens are from Lost in Space, aren’t they?” Toni Collette’s character Shaz says, “Great episode! But not as good as the one Dr Smith turns into a tree.” The credits acknowledge Space Productions for use of the Saticons from Lost in Space, although the actors are described as playing the Faceless Figures.

Website for the Australian movie ‘Mental’