Time Tunnel Challenge

We have been so impressed with the creativity of fans and the art and computer modelling being drawn and developed.  So, we were thinking it might be a bit of fun to set a challenge for anyone who would enjoy participating.

We’re looking to see if anyone can draw a sequence of pictures, create a mini-movie or virtual reality scene, or a comic strip which:

1) is shown from the perspective of the viewer

2) takes the viewer from the Time Tunnel complex

3) shows the view we would see if we were falling through the Time Tunnel (maybe with another person or two)

4) takes the viewer into another time either past or future

5) and if you wish, returns them to the Time Tunnel Complex, or another time!

Essentially, a way of making the viewer feel like they themselves are the time traveller.

Just an idea we thought creative Time Tunnel viewers might have a bit of fun with.