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Japanese Irwin Allen Collectible Auctions

22nd September 2013

Irwin Allen Collectible Auctions

Our friends in Japan have listed a number of rare 1960s/70s Japanese Irwin Allen collectibles for auction on Ebay (ending 23rd or 24th September, depending on your time zone). Click here or on the above image to see the items being auctioned.

If you are planning on auctioning any unusual, original, or rare Irwin Allen toys or collectibles at an online auction house or eBay and would like IANN to publicise your auction, please feel free to email over some pictures and descriptions with auction estimates, time, date and location details. Please let us know the name to credit with each photo (can be full name, nickname, initials etc).

Irwin Allen Related Auctions

Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention

30th July 2013

The Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention is presenting a Classic Star Trek and The Outer Limits program at the August 18, 2013 show, and some of the special guests appearing were also featured Guests Stars in Irwin Allen’s Television Series.  Yvonne Craig, Peter Mark Richman and Joe E. Tata will be signing autographs and here’s their Irwin Allen credits:

Yvonne Craig starred as Berna in the Land of the Giants episode “Wild Journey.”  Yvonne is well known for her role as Batgirl in the Batman Television series.

Peter Mark Richman starred as Dr. Marad in the Land of the Giants episode “Panic,” in two Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea episodes, as John Hendrix in “Secret of the Deep” and as Gantt in The Monster’s Web.  

Joe E. Tata starred in two The Time Tunnel episodes, as Verlaine in “Invasion” and as Napoleon Bonaparte in “Reign of Terror,” in three Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea episodes, as a Corpsman in “Deadly Amphibians,” as Frank Brent in “Fires of Death,” as Farrell in “The Mist of Silence,” five episodes of Lost in Space, as an Alien Hippie in “Collision of the Planets,” the Robot Judge in “Hunter’s Moon,” as the voice of the Purple Robot in “The Mechanical Men,” the voice of the Computer Eye in “Cave of the Wizards,” and the voice of Zalto’s Dummy in “Rocket to Earth.” Joe is well known for starring as Nat Bussichio in the Beverly Hills, 90210 Television series.

Other Guests appearing will be Gary Lockwood (Star Trek, 2001: A Space Odyssey), Sally Kellerman (Star Trek, The Outer Limits), Joanne Linville (Star Trek), Jack Donner (Star Trek), Antoinette Bower (Star Trek),  Jacqueline Scott (The Outer Limits), Joanna Frank (The Outer Limits), Alan Rachins (The Outer Limits), Michael Forest (Star Trek, The Outer Limits), and BarBara Luna (Star Trek, The Outer Limits).  All Guests appearing 11:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M.

The Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention will take place August 18, 2013 at the Shrine Auditorium Expo Center, 700 West 32nd Street, in Los Angeles, CA (across from USC College). Admission is $10.00, five years and under are free.  Show Hours: 10:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.  The Dealers Room features over one hundred tables of Comic Books, Toys, Trading Cards, Movie Memorabilia, DVDs, and many other Collectibles.  Show Hours are 10:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.

Check for more information.

Beelibones and the Lost Treasure

7th April 2013

Bill Hedges has built this marvellous Beelibones replica head (Lost in Space episode Treasure of the Lost Planet) based on a plaster head purchased from a talented artist, Pierre Veilleux. Artist Rita Lane painted the face on the outside of the box. This Beelibones replica prop is featured in the very funny Youtube video shown above. Gallery to follow shortly.

The Saticons in Mental

13th October 2012

Steven Cateris has told us about a new Australian film called ‘Mental.’ The Saticons from Lost in Space are in it! One of the characters, Michelle, thinks aliens from outer space are visiting her in her bedroom. The aliens are the Saticons, and they say “We want the mechanical man” (just like in ‘Wreck of the Robot.’) Toni Collette breaks in to her bedroom and says, “You can’t give them the mechanical man because you’re not a character from Lost in Space.” Later in the film, Michelle says, “Those aliens are from Lost in Space, aren’t they?” Toni Collette’s character Shaz says, “Great episode! But not as good as the one Dr Smith turns into a tree.” The credits acknowledge Space Productions for use of the Saticons from Lost in Space, although the actors are described as playing the Faceless Figures.

Website for the Australian movie ‘Mental’

Dr. Smith Bust – FabGearUSA Discount Offer

7th July 2012

FabGearUSA are offering IANN visitors a 35% discount on the limited edition Sci-Fi Metropolis Dr. Smith bust collectible. To take advantage of this discount, enter the discount code “iann” during the checkout process on the FabGearUSA website. Discount ends on 31st July 2012.

FabGearUSA – Purchase Dr. Smith Bust

Sci-Fi Metropolis Dr. Smith Bust in the Lost in Space Collectibles Gallery

Lost in Space Encyclopedia II

6th July 2012

Lost in Space Encyclopedia II – Expanded and revised edition edited by Flint Mitchell and William E. Anchors, Jr. This updated edition is now 468 pages long, with 200 new photos, and all new articles on

  • Unfilmed Lost in Space scripts
  • Coverage of every book written about Lost in Space with photos
  • Photos of several new Lost in Space collectibles
  • The Definitive Guide to the Jupiter 2 (all the changes made to the ship from the pilot to all the changes made during the show)
  • The Evolution of Return From Outer Space: see how the script developed from the beginning idea to the aired episode
  • Hardware in Space: coverage and photos of the hardware used on LIS, as well as photos of fan produced replicas
  • Coverage of the artwork used in the Jupiter 2
  • An all new color photo section

Available at Amazon (see above), Alpha Control Press and LISFAN Press.

Moebius Models Lost in Space Chariot Build

28th June 2012

Lars Liljeblad has just completed his build of the Moebius Models Chariot and it is now featured in the IANN model gallery.

MidSouthCon 23-25 March 2012

23rd March 2012

If you’re in the Memphis area this weekend, why not take a trip out into space and visit with the Lost in Space stars Marta Kristen and Mark Goddard who are guests of honour at MidSouthCon.

MidSouthCon Website

The Sound of Music Family Scrapbook

29th February 2012

The Sound of Music Family Scrapbook by Fred Bronson is a new book being published on 1st April 2012 featuring stories of the experiences of each of the child actors during the filming of classic musical The Sound of Music. Contains rare photos as well as a DVD with on-set and behind the scenes home movies.

Ken Netzel’s Robot Collection

3rd February 2012

Ken Netzel’s amazing robot collection was recently showcased on the WGRZ channel with particular attention paid to his full scale Lost in Space Robot.

Watch WGRZ segment at Ken’s Home