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Sheila Allen

18th November 2013

Sheila Mathews Allen

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the passing of Mrs. Sheila Allen (Irwin Allen’s wife and ambassador for his legacy).  She was a familiar face in so many of Irwin Allen’s productions and a dear friend and supporter of our work. Our heartfelt thoughts go to her family and friends.

We’re also going through a close family bereavement (which is why things have been relatively quiet here for a while), and this news has just left us stunned. We will be paying tribute to Sheila over time, not the least by ensuring that her work and contributions both to Irwin Allen’s productions and fandom are never forgotten.

If you would like to pay tribute to Sheila here on the IANN site, please send your messages of condolence via the IANN Contact Page.

Sheila Allen with Joe Musso and Don Bigelow

Leap Year Photographic Competition

29th February 2012

We are running a brand new photographic competition to celebrate today, 29th February 2012, with the goal of showcasing your favourite Irwin Allen collectibles.

Over the past 50 years, an amazing number of collectibles have been produced to celebrate and promote all of the Irwin Allen movies and television shows. This is your opportunity to show off with pride your amazing Irwin Allen collectibles. If you have a large collection of Irwin Allen toys etc, why not gather them together for a photo shoot.

If your collection is more modest as many of ours are, try some creative and fun photography showcasing which collectibles you treasure most. Collections can include books, toys, DVDs, photo collections, badges, magazines, posters, model kits and builds, and all other kinds of Irwin Allen paraphernalia. A small judging panel of Irwin Allen fans (not including any competitors) will decide between them which are the favourite collection photos. If they are available, we may even ask one or two Irwin Allen actors to take a look at the competition entries and help with the judging process.

Remember, it’s not about how many collectibles you own, but on how you present and treasure them. If you don’t have a digital camera, see if a friend or member of your family can take a snapshot of your Irwin Allen collectible(s) with their mobile phone and email the photo over as an attachment.

The best photographs will be featured and credited to your name (either your full name or a nickname if you prefer) in a special permanent gallery at the end of the competition.

Some inventive or creative ideas might be to create a Time Tunnel backdrop and photograph your collectibles in front of it. Or use camera angles to depict a giant picking up one of your Land of the Giants collectibles. If you have some photo editing software, why not add some special photographic effects to add a typical “Irwin Allen” atmosphere to your photograph. There are endless possibilities. Most of all, have fun seeing your collectibles in a different light.

Click here for details on how to enter the Leap Year Competition

Irwin Allen Competition

4th November 2011

IANN is running a new Irwin Allen competition. Competition closes on 10th November 2011:

Click here for details on how to enter the Irwin Allen Competition

First Prize: UK DVD for Season Two of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Second Prize: Promotional Time Tunnel T Shirt (size XL)

Third Prize: 8 Irwin Allen movie photos including 2 from Towering Inferno, 2 from The Swarm, 2 from When Time Ran Out, 1 from The Story of Mankind (of Chico Marx) and 1 from The Big Circus

Fourth Prize: Fan produced Giants patch, 2 Giants photos, 1960’s Stefan Arngrim photo, and a Stefan Arngrim postcard from his appearance in Switch

Fifth Prize: British 1998 Lost in Space postcard, Colour 10×8 of Mark and Marta, and 3 small photos

Sixth Prize: Original publicity photo from The Night the Bridge Fell Down and Alice in Wonderland, plus a 10×8 of Desi Arnaz Jr. (star of The Night the Bridge Fell Down)

Irwin Allen Free All-Nighter

19th April 2011

The Sci-Fi-London Festival is holding an Irwin Allen all-night event on Thursday 28th April 2011 at the Apollo Piccadilly Circus.  The screenings start at 11.45pm.  Tickets are free and must be reserved in advance.  Episodes being shown are:

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Pilot Eleven Days to Zero

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Original Unaired Colour Pilot

The Time Tunnel Original Unaired Pilot Rendezvous with Yesterday

The Time Tunnel 2002 Remake

Land of the Giants Pilot The Crash

Land of the Giants Original Unaired Pilot

Note that the Irwin Allen night is being held on the eve of the Royal Wedding so transport in London may be pretty busy on the Friday, so allow extra time for returning home.

Sci-Fi-London Festival Website


Pioneers of Television Promo Clip

16th January 2011

Irwin Allen’s works including Lost in Space and Time Tunnel were featured in the Science Fiction episode of “Pioneers of Television” which aired on the PBS Channel in the US on 18th January 2011.

Pioneers of Television

Note, video clip no longer available.

Pioneers of Television

5th January 2011

Irwin Allen’s works including Lost in Space and Time Tunnel will be featured in the upcoming Science Fiction episode of “Pioneers of Television” airing on the PBS Channel in the US on 18th January 2011.

Pioneers of Television

Merry Christmas from the Irwin Allen News Network

24th December 2010

Irwin Allen News Network Site Reorganisation

11th April 2010

We have been re-organising the location of many areas of the Irwin Allen News Network (IANN) site recently, so you may find that several productions and galleries have moved.  Here are quick links to the major changes we’ve made to the location of individual shows and movies.

Production Pages

Countdown to Christmas

2nd December 2009

We thought we’d have a bit of fun in the run up to Christmas and come up with Christmas present suggestions for the Irwin Allen connoisseur.  If we have time, we will try to present a different idea each day.

If you have any fun Irwin Allen related present ideas let us know.