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3D Chariot Computer Model

30th January 2011

John Picha has again excelled in creating a beautiful 3D computer model of the Lost in Space Chariot.

Visit the John Picha 3D Model Gallery

Merry Christmas from the Irwin Allen News Network

24th December 2010

3D Seaview Computer Model

6th December 2010

John Picha has created a new excellent 3D rendering of the Seaview to accompany the Flying Sub model.

John Picha 3D Voyage Model Gallery

John Picha Showcase Gallery

Premiere of Night of the Cat

17th November 2010

A little bit of Giants fun.  Introducing Roscoe as “The Cat” in Land of Cat Giants episode Night of the Cat.

Night of the Cat Slide Show

John Picha 3D Spindrift Model

28th August 2010

John Picha has designed a new 3D model of the Land of the Giants Spindrift using amongst other things the miniature blueprints and photos on the IANN site as a reference guide.  To view his amazing 3D model, please click on the image or link below.

View the John Picha 3D Model Spindrift video

John Picha 3D Models

10th August 2010

John Picha has created some amazing 3D models of the Lost in Space Robot and Space Pod.  You can view images of these models in the Irwin Allen Gallery John Picha Showcase and watch the videos in the IANN Lost in Space Media Section.

View the John Picha 3D Model Videos

Video Tour of Jupiter 2 Replica Interior

24th June 2010

Phil Hamilton and Bill Hedges have filmed a video tour of Bill’s amazing replica Jupiter 2 interior.

View the Bill Hedges Jupiter 2 Interior Video Tour

New Art from Kenneth Netzel

20th June 2010

Kenneth Netzel has sent in some fabulous new Lost in Space artwork.  Click here or on the image below to visit the Kenneth Netzel art gallery.

Scratch Built Nautilus Model

7th June 2010

James Squellati has been working on constructing a scratch built Nautilus model (The Return of Captain Nemo).  We very much hope that a model kit manufacturer will some day consider issuing a Nautilus model kit as there is very little available on this model.

Visit James Squellati’s Scratch Built Nautilus Model

John P. Britton Land of the Giants Gallery

7th June 2010

Visit the new John P. Britton Land of the Giants Gallery