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Pioneers of Television

5th January 2011

Irwin Allen’s works including Lost in Space and Time Tunnel will be featured in the upcoming Science Fiction episode of “Pioneers of Television” airing on the PBS Channel in the US on 18th January 2011.

Pioneers of Television

Hollywood Treasure

7th December 2010

There is a great new show on the Syfy Channel at the moment called Hollywood Treasure.  It is a reality show about current and future auctions at Profiles in HistoryProfiles in History is a highly regarded Hollywood auction company that has sold many famous Irwin Allen props and costumes.  Profiles in History has very kindly permitted us to showcase their Irwin Allen auctions in our galleries. The upcoming Hollywood Auction #43 (17-18 December 2010) features a number of Irwin Allen items.  More to follow on this shortly.  Hollywood Treasure airs on SyFy Channel, Wednesday night 10pm.

Pioneers of Television – Lost in Space

10th November 2010

The “Science Fiction” episode of “Pioneers of Television” will focus predominantly on the series Lost in Space and Star Trek and will include interviews with several Lost in Space cast members. The show airs on Tuesday, 18th January 2011 at 7:00pm, US central time on PBS.

Don Marshall on Retro Radio Live

14th October 2010

You can hear Don Marshall on Retro Radio Live (broadcast on Tuesday 12th October 2010) using the player below. The interview with Don starts at about 32 minutes into the show and runs to about 68 minutes. The broadcast can also be heard on the Retro Radio Live website and through iTunes (if in the US).

Bill Mumy on LA Talk Radio

11th September 2010

Bill Mumy was interviewed this week on the Sheena Metal Experience on LA Talk Radio.  The interview with Bill starts at 1 hour, 4 minutes into the show.

Sheena Metal Experience with Bill Mumy

British Big Brother Robot Theme

8th July 2010

This week, the British Big Brother reality TV show has had a Robot themed task.  Really wish they had considered having the Lost in Space Robot as part of the show.

They have had another giant robot, Titan, competing against house mates in various tasks, and so far, the house mates have been victorious in three out of five tasks including smoothie making, hair cutting and egg whisking.  The Titan robot however beat house mates in floor sweeping and inflating an airbed.  Of course, the Titan robot had all the latest electric mod-cons whilst house mates had to use old fashioned hand tools.

Interestingly, two separate house mates have mentioned “Lost in Space” as well as a couple going “Warning, Warning”.

Mark Goddard Interview Retro Radio LIVE: Last night

26th May 2010

Mark Goddard was interviewed last night on Retro Radio LIVE! and you can listen to the interview by clicking the play button/arrow below.

Cave In! to be aired on UK television

10th May 2010

Cave In! is to be aired in the UK for first time in over 20 years on CBS Action (Sky channel 148) on Saturday 15th May at 2pm and 6pm.  It will also be repeated on 30th May, 12th June and 26th June (again at 2pm and 6pm on all of those dates).

Irwin Allen Shows on iTunes

11th March 2010

Finally managed to get the latest iTunes working and now able to take a look at the Irwin Allen TV Show offerings on iTunes.  It is interesting to see which have been the most popular downloads.

For Land of the Giants, the top ten downloaded episodes on the British iTunes are:

The Crash

Land of the Lost





Flight Plan

Ghost Town

Deadly Lodestone

The Marionettes

Click here to get the latest iTunes software

Gary Oldman on The Tonight Show

11th January 2010

Gary Oldman (Lost in Space Movie) appears on The Tonight Show on Monday 11th January 2010.  The interview discusses Gary’s latest role in The Book of Eli.